St John Tce, Tawa

Spacious Family Living

The Challenge

Eoin and Ellie wanted to open up their kitchen through to their dining room with a large breakfast servery bar connecting the two rooms. They also needed the laundry to be included in the kitchen design as they were using the existing laundry to extend the kitchen space. They also requested a hide away microwave and appliance cupboard and a large family pantry.

The Solution

We created a large, spacious kitchen for this family home. The wall was removed and a large breakfast bar was included. The laundry was successfully incorporated and is well hidden behind bi-folding doors. The microwave and appliance area was also hidden behind pocket doors. This kitchen also features pull-out crockery storage drawers and hosts a large, two-door bi-folding pantry.

Borelli acrylic benchtop in risotto

Mocha melamine cabinetry

Many hidden features incorporated in this kitchen space

To meet the unique needs of this family

We created a large, spacious kitchen for this family home

The Results

A large, spacious and modern kitchen suited to family living is created with mocha melamine cabinetry and a Borelli acrylic benchtop in risotto. Many hidden features incorporated in this kitchen space to meet the unique needs of this family.

The Clients Wish List

Wall removed to create a connection between the kitchen and dining area, with the incorporation of a breakfast servery bar.

Laundry within the kitchen space

Hide away microwave and appliance area

We initially approached Bruce from Capital Kitchens & Interiors to have a conversation around expanding and updating our kitchen. Bruce met with us, and was able to take our ideas and design them into a workable space, without taking away the style of our renovations we’ve completed so far. He provided us with detailed images of what the finished area would look like, and handled the whole project, from builders, painters to plumbers.

Bruce was always approachable and accommodated all our wishes and desires to make our dream kitchen come true without compromising cost.  The workmanship of our kitchen is faultless.  Everything in the space provided was maximised to keep everything tucked away and have a ‘clean’ space.  Throughout the whole design, installation and completion, Bruce was close-by to call upon if needed and kept things ticking over.

Our final product is amazing, and have absolutely no regrets using Bruce from Capital Kitchens and Interiors.

Thanks very much Bruce for your hard work throughout this project.

Eoin and Ellie

St John Tce, Tawa

Large breakfast servery bar

Laundry to be included in the kitchen design

Hide away microwave and appliance cupboard

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