Sunrise Blvd, Tawa

Sleek Gallery Kitchen With Style

The Challenge

“Our kitchen is a simple galley-style kitchen so the basic design is pretty standard. Where Bruce really helped was giving us solutions to problems that we wanted to solve.
The first was where to put the microwave – we didn’t want it under a bench because we have children, or on a bench because we wanted to keep the bench spaces, as clear as possible. Bruce’s solution was to make space in the pantry.
The second was how to easily access bottled ingredients (oil, sauces etc.) without going to a pull-out pantry system (my first preference but one that took us outside our budget). Bruce’s solution was to slot a pull-out condiment cupboard in next to the oven. The location is perfect and the problem was solved!
The last problem was how to screen the sink area from the living space on the other side. Bruce suggested building a tall cupboard on the living room side of the sink so that the back of the cupboard created an upstand for the sink. This actually solved a further problem – rather than having to find a spot for the buffet that we had been using to store things like placemats and stationery, we were able to get rid of it altogether.”
Susan, happy kitchen owner

The Solution

We were able to create a design that suited Susan’s idea of hiding away taps from the dining area and provide dining room storage in the form of an up-stand cupboard that looks great, but is practical. The large breakfast bar, with hanging lights, creates an inviting atmosphere to the kitchen and separates the dining area. A great place to enjoy a Sunday brunch with the children or entertain friends once the kids are in bed. A pull-out condiment cupboard was included, situated next to the oven for easy access to those essential cooking oils.

Clever Storage

Inviting atmosphere

Practical Functionality

The Results

“What can I say – I love it!” Susan, Sunrise Blvd

This kitchen looks fabulous.

Susan is a happy lady, with her lovely kitchen.

The thermos wrap cabinetry with the new ash dust square-form laminate bench-top

Finished off with a white back painted glass splash-back and attractive hanging lights

This kitchen is perfect for shared family brunches or socialising with friends.

The showroom is small but well lit, and the display kitchens look modern and feel well built. There’s heaps of parking and a clear sign at the entrance that says when it’s open.
In-home consultation
Bruce came and had a look at our house before we even started our renovation and gave us some advice on what we needed to think about with respect to the area that we wanted to position the kitchen in. We had asked a designer from another company if they could do this for us (and even offered to pay!) but they didn’t even bother getting back to us. Bruce’s advice gave us a lot more confidence during the design stage of the renovation and meant that when the kitchen actually went in, we got an even better result than we had expected.
Our kitchen
What can I say – I love it.
The final result looks even better than I expected and it exceeds my expectations in terms of functionality.
The finish is awesome. I keep looking to find any part of it that looks cheap or poorly finished and I just can’t find it.
The upstand cupboard makes great use of space and for me is one of the masterstrokes.
The installers did a fantastic job. They were meticulous, worked methodically and paid real attention to detail.
I truly would have no hesitation recommending Bruce at Capital Kitchens to any of my friends or family.

Sunrise Blvd

||The finish is awesome||

||The upstaged cupboard is one of the masterstrokes||

||The installers were meticulous|||

Hiding away taps

“What can I say – I love it!”

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